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Resources exploration is the beginning of the mining adventure where amazing stories can be found involving risk-seeking visionary people, investor’s money, chance or destiny, curiosity, technology and spirit of discovery.

Exploration gives rise to fortunes and bankruptcies, though along a cruel ratio.

Discovered resources, when significant and viable, are extracted to fuel World economic growth. New resources come to increase identified reserves. Resources exploration makes the world go round.

  1. Resources Exploration Methods & Technology
  2. Mining Exploration Projects

Resources Exploration Methods & Technology

Exploration Technology

This section aims to explain how mining resources exploration is conducted in the practice. Exploration methods can be as diverse as panning, drilling or remote sensing. Techniques and technology available are even more varied. People profiles range from homeless obsessive gold panners to highly specialized experts and engineers, but all of them have caught the exploration fever.

Mining Exploration Projects

Exploration Projects

All about exploration projects or extension of existing mines. Underwater mining is also covered considering that none of these operations are presently producing.

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