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The extraction stage is at the very center of mining activities.

Using Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, the mining extraction gathers all the operations aimed to drag the valuable resources out of the Cave, into the sunlight.

Once separated from their rock matrix, from their Cave, metals and non metals resources will fuel World economic growth. Making these resources rebirth happen has always been part of Humanity’s vital path.

  1. Operational Life of a Mine
  2. Health and Safety in Mining
  3. Mining Future

Operational Life of a Mine

Extraction Operational Life of a Mine

The life of the mine is likely to be compared to the life cycle of a human being, going through birth (pre-birth being the exploration stage), growth, adulthood and death. And as for human society, rules and taxation organize and structure the daily life of a mine.

Health and Safety in Mining

Extraction Health & Safety

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave could also describe miners’ dangerous job, underground, of course, but also in surface. Open-pit benches look like giant stairs going hundred meters down into the Earth to find the resources.

And let’s finally use Plato’s Allegory, to commemorate and show respect for the dead miners that have returned to the Cave since the beginning of mining History. Professional illness and injuries are also part of miner’s life even if undisputable progress have been made on that regard, bringing some light into the Cave.

Mining Future

Extraction Future Mining

Innovation and technology continue to shape the future of mining on Earth, and beyond.

Modern developments in mining technologies, such as high depth precise drilling equipments, or robotic remote controlled extraction devices, aiming at the exploitation of the everyday scarcer Earth’s resources, including under the sea, build up a fair portion of the technological prerequisite for starting extraterrestrial mining operations.

The adventure continues!

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